Compare and get payday loans in 15 minutes

Have you received a high bill and do not have the liquidity to pay it? Do you need to solve an emergency as soon as possible? Now, thanks to the quick credits you can solve your contingents in a comfortable and fast way. Get through this page one of the most advantageous 15-minute loans in the market.

Emergence and evolution of fast loans

Until a few years ago, if we needed to get a loan, we had to go to the bank to which we were linked and, in addition, we had to do it on numerous occasions. However, now we have the possibility of obtaining loans in 15 minutes due to the evolution that has occurred in the world of finance after the irruption of private online lenders not supervised by the Bank of Spain.

During the crisis, the granting of loans by the banks was greatly reduced (especially by tightening the requirements) and, in this context, many private lenders that have been consolidated with novel products appeared in our country. These private equity companies grant financing much more quickly than conventional banks and, in addition, they do so with very few requirements. Thanks to loans n loans we have the possibility to enjoy payday loans in 15 minutes in our account.

The rapid boom of loans instantly granted by these companies has made conventional banking have to adapt to a new commercial scenario and, therefore, now it is also possible to get fast loans with some banks. Even so, the speed in both the application and the concession remains the main advantage of private lenders and their products.

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Can I take out loans in 15 minutes online?

The answer is yes. Private lenders have been able to adapt their business model to contemporary society, so the Internet has been very present in them since its inception in Spain. In this way, with the vast majority of current private equity companies, we can apply for loans in 15 minutes 100% online.

The whole process that we are detailing not only means that we can get credits in 10 minutes from anywhere, but the savings in paperwork and paperwork is also huge. We just have to choose the amount and the deadline, fill out a form with our data, attach some very basic documents and, after understanding and accepting the contract, we will enjoy credits in a quarter of an hour. It is an application process that we can carry out without problems from the web page of each financial institution, although there is also the possibility of using a product comparator such as HelpMyCash to assess all the offers that we have available in the market and to compare their different characteristics.

Regarding the price, the average interest of these products is 1.1% daily, so 100 euros to be returned in 30 days will have a total cost of 133 euros. The variable TAE is not adequate to know and buy the prices of mini-credits since it reflects the cost of the product if we reimburse it in a period of one year or more and fast loans are always returned after one month (except for some entity).

The lenders will not require us to justify the purpose for which we want the money, so we can use it for any purpose. In addition, these products rarely include commissions or linked products. Thanks to the free online simulators that they put at our disposal in their portals, we can calculate, based on the amount and term, the final cost of what we will end up paying.

Documents needed to get fast money

If the company we go to does not have a data verification system, we will have to give you several documents to prove that the information provided in the application form is correct. The documentation that we will have to provide will vary depending on the company we go to, but in general, we should always present the following when we request quick loans:

  • Identity document: the DNI, the NIE or the passport that verifies that we are permanent residents in Spain and of legal age or older than 21 or 25 years.
  • Proof of income: an official document certifying that we have a regular and sufficient source of income.
  • Extract from your own bank account: so that the entity knows our financial behavior and where they have to deposit the urgent money.

It is important that all the documents we send are up-to-date and that the photocopies are perfectly legible because otherwise, the entity may throw back our request and we will have to restart the whole petition. This will make the concession process slow down considerably, so we can not enjoy the money anymore, as we had planned.